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Better stuff!

2007-08-27 01:39:52 by nabibrian


I have been doing some extra studying and have taken many of your reviews quite seriously.

I desire to brush up on my graphical skills and make my flash more pleasing to the eye.

I am pleased to inform you that you will find more of my next flash submissions to be at least graphically better.

I will also make an effort to include the NG pre-loader so long as I don't run into any problems.

Thanks for taking time to review my submissions!

Here's a screenshot of one of the projects that I am currently working on, it is called: "O.M.G."

This movie is about some guy who is out for a drive and rocking out.
He comes to a river with no way around except for a bridge which is WAY out of the way.

You have to make a choice what to do!

Will this happen to you??

Better stuff!


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