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Flash submission reviews!

2007-08-27 17:01:40 by nabibrian

Now I will be the first to admit that I need lots of improvement on my flash work.

I appreciate each and every review. Thanks for taking time to review flash submissions. You don't know really how much your feedback is appreciated.

However, I am finding that there are some that leave some pretty brash reviews and have yet to submit any flash themselves. What gives, they are now the experts?

So, next time you the flash expert who has yet to submit any flash work decides to offer your technical support advice. Why don't you first show me and us how well you can do. After all, you are the expert!

Now for those who give both positive and not so positive reviews but have authored at least one or more submissions, I especially respect your reviews as for the most part many of you set the standard for flash gaming/design. Thanks!



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2007-08-28 19:10:01

i admire your respect. i'm not gonna lie though, that flash known as "O.M.G" was blammed by me. but it was only because it was too short and bad drawing. but don't put yourself down because if you really want to see artist who deserve my foot up their ass is the kitty krew. all those fuckers do is spam newgrounds by submiting gay porn in the portal. and with what you told me, i sometimes regret blamming "O.M.G" instead of trying to blam those faggot. so i give you my apologies. because at least you try to make a good flash. kitty krew are just trying to see what they can shove up their ass today. but thank you for being stronger and honest.

nabibrian responds:

Ah, thanks for your reply.

I don't mind if my submissions get blammed. Why? Because I learn from people's responses what I need to improve on in my flash work.

"O.M.G." was kind of an experimental project that I worked on and submitted to see what kind of responses and or suggestions I could receive on how to better the style I presented.

The reviews did not seem to be to favorable, the "O.M.G." passed but the score was too low for me to even want to keep around on NG so I deleted it from my profile.

I continue to devour many tutorials to better myself in flash design.

Don't regret or feel bad about blamming any of my flash submissions. I am not trying to "guilt trip" anyone. I am merely voicing an opinion.

If any of my submissions do get blammed or do not pass or whatever. I am not going to lose sleep over it. I am going to take the experience, learn from it and make a BETTER flash. Simple enough, eh?


2007-08-29 15:25:40

thank you for your kind and wise advice.


2007-08-30 02:22:32

fuck you

nabibrian responds:

Can't you use any other vocabulary to describe how you feel?


2007-08-30 05:34:46

sorry for what he said to you nabibrian. his real name is fluffy and he's asking random people to fuck him in the ass. and he's kinda scared to ask the kitty krew for a four-some because he might get rejected. just ignore him. he's a fag.

nabibrian responds:

Let the IGNORANT remain ignorant, I guess.